Algae Control

Oververde offer a range of products to help control problematical algal and cyanobacterial blooms. Whether it is a problem with algae reducing night time dissolved oxygen levels in fisheries, green algae clogging filtration equipment for industrial water discharge, blue green algae blooms creating health issues in a boating lake to dying algae releasing taste and odorous compounds into drinking water reservoirs, we have a range of solutions to control them.

Barley Straw Reactors

We manufacture barley straw reactors to provide the optimum conditions for barley straw to control algae in water bodies. These are available as surface floating or bankside units or bolt-on systems to work with aerators. Our Pondline range of products include floating barley straw bales in a range of sizes and a unique solar powered barley straw barrier that has been designed to improve the algae control effects of barley straw where an influent stream enters a waterbody.

Main Dealer for SonicSolutionsTM

To supplement our own products, we are also the main UK and Ireland dealers for SonicSolutionsTM range of ultrasonic algae control systems, as well as a variety of equipment and products that have been designed to remove excess nutrients in ponds and lakes that could go on to fuel an algal bloom.

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