We are now distributors for PondPerfect

PondPerfect UK

We have just become distributors for a fantastic biological clarifier product PondPerfect, manufactured by TLC Products in Ohio.

PondPerfect will improve the appearance of your waterbody by the bacteria using the excess nutrients in the water for growth. The nutrients consumed would otherwise be available for other aquatic plants, which may get out of control and cause discolouration, turbidity, odour and a lowering of dissolved oxygen.

PondPerfect contains bacteria to consume excess nutrient and organic sludge.

The bacteria used are completely safe, non-toxic and can be used to purify the water in ponds and lakes.

We have pack sizes of 375 ml, 1 litre and 4 litres and are suitable to treat and improve water bodies from the size of a garden pond up to the size of a medium sized lake. For larger lakes we can offer a similar commercial product, AquaClean.

The PondPerfect bacterial strains are derived from ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) seed culture, and grown under sterile conditions, stabilised using patented and trade secret processes, so that the highest quality liquid product is produced with a minimum of 2 years shelf life.

PondPerfect is also ideal for ponds and lakes that are stocked with fish. The nitrifying bacteria will convert ammonia and nitrite to nitrate (the ammonia and nitrite are well known to be bad for fish health). The denitrifying bacteria convert the nitrates to gaseous nitrogen. The nitrates are a readily available source of food for organisms such as algae and higher plants.

Dose: Use the table below to keep your pond clear (maintenance). Apply weekly for best results. To make a problem pond clear, double the dose until the problem is solved, then switch to the maintenance dose:

Pond Size        Litres Dose (ml/Week)
1,000                15
2,000               30
4,000               60
7,000               90
10,000            120
20,000            180
40,000            240
70,000            360
100,000          500
200,000         1,000
400,000         2,000

TLC Products, manufacturers of live bacteria products since 1996, is a world-wide leader in research, manufacturing, and marketing of live bacteria products for these aquatic systems.