Off-grid aerated refuge for your fish

We have developed an off-grid, solar pv aeration system to enable the use of remote waters as fishing lakes or stock ponds.

There are many fantastic waters that are perfect for club and syndicate fishing lakes or growing on fish stock, in the UK. Unfortunately many of them are so far from the power grid that the cost of installing a grid connection to them would be too costly.

To open up these waters, our solar pv power bank can be used with an efficient air pump and our depth adjustable fine bubble air delivery system, to provide a cost effective solution to keeping valuable fish stock alive during the times of the year when dissolved oxygen crashes can be an issue.

These units can also power our ultrasonic algae control devices at the same time providing aeration, to give a great solution where algae is the driver of your dissolved oxygen crashes.

The solar units are currently undergoing trials in the field and will be on the market for Spring.

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