Off-Grid Aeration Systems

We have a solar powered, off-grid aeration system under test at a remote stock growing lake. The unit provides 150 l/min of fine bubble air and it is easily coping with running one hour on, one hour off, throughout the day and night.

This opens up many rural lakes for stock growing as well as angling purposes, without having to pay for mains electricity connection or remote oxygen sensors with communications.

The great thing about solar is that the conditions which tend to drive dissolved oxygen crashes, produce the most power to the aerators.

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Off-grid aerated refuge for your fish

We have developed an off-grid, solar pv aeration system to enable the use of remote waters as fishing lakes or stock ponds.

There are many fantastic waters that are perfect for club and syndicate fishing lakes or growing on fish stock, in the UK. Unfortunately many of them are so far from the power grid that the cost of installing a grid connection to them would be too costly.

To open up these waters, our solar pv power bank can be used with an efficient air pump and our depth adjustable fine bubble air delivery system, to provide a cost effective solution to keeping valuable fish stock alive during the times of the year when dissolved oxygen crashes can be an issue.

These units can also power our ultrasonic algae control devices at the same time providing aeration, to give a great solution where algae is the driver of your dissolved oxygen crashes.

The solar units are currently undergoing trials in the field and will be on the market for Spring.

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Using Ultrasound Technology to Control Biofilm

Using Ultrasound Technology to Control Biofilm

Ultrasonics are not only used to control roaming algae in open water bodies, but also to prevent the growth of biofilm in water treatment infrastructure, such as clarifiers, and aquatic leisure equipment

It works on preventing biofilm by producing a sensation of turbulence to the bacteria that form the base layer of biofilm, even in still waters. In response to this, the bacteria withdraw their pili (small filament used for attachment) and do not excrete polysaccharide glue. Without the bacterial base layer algae and other organisms have great difficulty attaching.

It should be noted that ultrasonic control will only prevent new biofilm and not remove existing biofilm, so deployment should be made directly after deep cleaning of existing infrastructure or commissioning of new infrastructure.

Planning lake management for a warmer than average autumn

With warmer than average autumn temperatures forecast, it is worth considering how this may affect your fisheries.

The main considerations are connected to the die off of aquatic and bank side vegetation, not to mention fallen leaves.

Break down of this detritus can use large volumes of oxygen as bacteria metabolise the organic matter.

During warm weather the bacteria will be more active, use more oxygen than normal and provide larger quantities of bio- available nutrients that may drive a late season algal bloom.

To counteract these effects, consider increased use of aeration equipment and early bacterial inoculation to gradually metabolise the nutrients out of the system.

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Emergency aeration

Emergency aeration

We now have rental aeration equipment available to help our fisheries customers and contacts to overcome dissolved oxygen crashes and fish loss during this hot weather.

The systems are fully adjustable, allowing for quick and easy deployment in a range of water depths without adding to the problem by disturbing the silt. Equipment is treated with Virkon where previously used.

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What a difference a week makes

The new Mezzo DB is proving itself as part of a water management program in Cheshire, UK. The bi-directional ultrasonic algae control systems effectively controls most green and blue green algae for 150m in opposite directions for green algae and up to 450m for cyanobacteria. Running costs are incredibly low enabling this system to be powered by an off-grid solar system if required.

For larger lakes it has a big brother, the Quattro DB with quad directional effect.

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What a difference a year makes

Chemical free yellow fringed waterlily and sludge control using AquaClean bacteria and our aquatic plant root removal rakes.

  • All pegs now fishable
  • 75% + organic sludge reduction
  • Consistantly stable dissolved oxygen levels
  • Minimal presence of hydrogen sulphide
  • Reduced odour

Septic Tank Solution

Installation of an AquaClean Grease Trap BacBag into a failing brick lined septic tank in North Wales.

Due to increased treatment volume the septic tank has required emptying three times per year. Other customer concerns included the constant foul odour and the build up of fat and grease deposits within the system.

The BacBag solution is a slow release system designed for sewers and septic tanks. It supplies a constant supply of bacteria and bacterial nutrient that:

·        Reduce odours

·        Improve effluent quality

·        Reduce excess sludge production

·        Reduce grease and fat blockages

·        Fixes failed biological processes when systems have been shocked

UK Based Trials for AquaClean biological inoculants

Call for interest – Involvement in generating UK based trials for bacterial cultures in waste water treatment and open water remediation projects.

We have been allocated a limited amount of AquaClean biological inoculants for the use in UK based trials/case studies within the waste management and treatment sector for the purpose of capturing local data to support the growing international evidence of the efficacy of these products

Of interest would be case studies to demonstrate reduction of the following:

· Ammonia / Nitrate


· Hydrogen sulphide

· Odour (eg. wastewaters, stockpiled organic )

· Organic sludge volumes

· Fats, oils and grease (F.O.G.)

· Challenging chemical residues (such as PAHs, Lindane etc)

· Odour (eg. wastewaters, stockpiled solid organic residues)

The AquaClean bacterial formulations are tried and tested products that have been successfully used in aquaculture, agriculture, wastewater management and environmental remediation globally.

We would be particularly interested to hear from companies wishing to trial the formulations in the landfill sector (leachate treatment, tipping face odour reduction), the hospitality industry (FOG and odour control), the land remediation industry (bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil) and composting sector. We are open to suggestions from other sectors.

Contact us to discuss your interest.