360 degree algae control


Our new 360 degree Algae control system; provides a single unit, emitting 360 degrees of coverage, over multiple bandwidths, with a range of 150 meters in all directions.

Ultra-sonics are a very effective way to impact algae growth. The transformation is fast and clearly shown in the before and after photos .

Ultra-sonics work by emitting high frequency sound waves that effect only algae. From the moment the unit is turned on it is disrupting the viability of the algae clearing blooms and preventing further regrowth.

It is useful to keep in mind that “prevention is better cure”.  Understanding and identifying the “inflows” are key to providing sustainable solutions.

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Sustainability is the key to our sales and service.

We aim to provide “on-site” sustainable solutions, using technologies that work with nature to produce economies without resorting to “old school” chemical methodologies that may only provide a temporary respite and could create more expensive problems  down stream.


Ultra-sonic devices begin working immediately and provide quick results. When dealing with algal blooms it may be necessary to provide temporary aeration to compensate for drops in dissolved oxygen levels.

This technology has been widely developed and adopted in North America over the past 20 years. We have a number of case histories to confirm the efficacy of these products. For more information please visit our website www.oververde.co.uk or call our office +44 (0)1244 529568.

The Quattro DB ultrasonic algae control system is now for sale in the UK

In addition to the SonicSolutions range of uni-directional ultrasonic algae control systems, we now supply the Quattro – DB ultrasonic algae and biofilm control technology.


Ultra sonic algae control system

The Quattro-DB gives 360 degree coverage via four patent pending ultrasonic surface emitters, covering an area of up to 120 acres for blue green algae control and up to 17 acres for green algae and diatom control.
This unit generates 1000+ frequencies over two different bandwidths to give 2024 generated frequencies per 34 minute cycle to provide maximum control over most common types of freshwater green algae, diatoms and blue green algae (cyanobacteria).

The Quattro- DB provides environmentally safe and efficient control of algae and biofilm growth by disabling algae using critical structural resonance without harmful cavitation.

The unit is available in 240vAC and 24vDC versions and uses 12 w of power (50 w maximum peak requirement). The 24vDC version is capable of being powered using batteries and/or a solar PV system.

Ideal for use in:
Lakes and reservoirs
Wastewater treatment lagoons
Ponds and pools
Irrigation water storage tanks/lagoons

Please contact us for further details of the Quattro-DB and our other solutions for water, waste and contaminated soil solutions